Seawind Old Time Scotch Farm Collies 

And Bull Terriers, too!

About Us

Our collies: 4J Acres Echo Violet (aka Violet), Gracehaven Mighty Quinn (aka Quinn), Seawind Cinnamon (aka Cinna), Seawind Teazle (aka Teazle).

As a child, we had an amazing dog named Lady who went everywhere with me and slept beside my bed.  I could not have asked for a better friend. Some years ago, I started research to find out what breed of dog Lady had been and through the internet discovered that she’d been a scotch collie, also known as an old-fashioned farm collie. From that day, I knew that I wanted to have one of my own someday.

When we moved to the rural high desert in 2013 and purchased a home with acreage, I knew the time had come to search for my very own scotch collie. Not long after, I was blessed to be able to purchase my girl Violet from 4J Acres in Texas. Violet has an amazing personality, calm and biddable, wonderful with animals, and an excellent guardian. Violet almost seems to read my mind.

In 2016, we got our second scotch collie, sweet Quinn, from Gracehaven in Washington state. A beautiful dog with an outgoing, biddable, fun-loving personality.

Other puppies we have bred who live around the country:

Seawind Mace (Robbie lives in Oak View, CA)

Seawind Valerian (Val lives in Avondale, AZ)

Seawind Autumn Olive (Penny lives in NYC & Cornwall, CT)

Seawind Desert Rose (Softy lives in Malibu, CA)

Seawind Ivy (Truffle lives in Portland, OR)